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We build long term relationships and excel with creative loan request. One of our best qualities is our ability to be flexible for financially weak borrowers and recent credit events, 


We do value the time of our clients and put you first. It's our goal to make sure we are as transparent and efficient as possible to make sure we exceed your needs with our dedicated customer service.


We provide eye-catching visuals with powerful graphical impact, that we consider key branding components.

Simple Documentation

We keep it simple. We are an asset based lender. Personal income documentation is not necessary or underwritten for 90% of our loan programs. 

24- Hour Pre-qualification

Since your time is important, simply submit basic information and we will provide a conditional approval or soft quote pricing to help you move quickly.

Digital Transparency 

Your entire loan submission process can all be done online. Borrowers have online access to upload docs, complete applications for approval and see the entire loan process digitally. 

What we're about and...
Here is why we do this.

We're dedicated to creating an process that makes real estate financing simple. This is the reason why we've built relationships with investors, borrowers and other funds to figure out what works and what's best to develop an easy process for real estate investors to grow their business without limitations. We pride growth and it's our job to make sure you have every tool, resource and benefits that you deserve to help you grow.

  • Superior customer service over the last 7 years
  • 250+ Closed Transactions 
  • Repeat borrowers throughout the nation (highly active throughout the midwest)

Property Types

Multifamily, Mixed Use, Single Family Investment, Luxury Residential. (Case by case, hospitality and retail commercial) 

42 States Served

AK, CT, ID, MT, ND, NE, SD, WY - 
We are coming for you next. 

Loan Options

Permanent loans, Bridge Loans, Rehab and Construction, Buy-outs, Value add, and Repositioning. 

Past Closed Deals

Here are some previously completed transactions we've originated for a variety of borrowers, properties and locations nationwide.


Rental and Investment property guidelines

We focus on our experience to achieve the best results. Our investment rental property programs are suited specifically for investors only. Here are a few of the perks we offer for single family rental and rehab loans.

  • Same Day Approval
  • No doc ( Tax returns or personal income DO NOT impact approval)
  • Recent appraisals will be considered
  • Investment residential properties only 
    • Duplex, triplex, quadplex, vacation rentals, and 2nd homes
  • Great for borrowers looking to implement the BRRR approach
  • Individual borrowers and entities are eligible
  • No limit on how many properties you can finance 
  • We also provide large balance blanket portfolio loans
Permanent Loan Terms: 
  • Loan Amounts: 100,000-3,500,000
  • Loan Terms: 30 years
  • LTV: Up to 80.00%
  • Amortization: 3/1 ARM,  7/1 ARM  and 30 year fixed option.
  • Interest Rates:  Starting At 5.25%
  • Closing Time: 3-4 weeks
  • Credit Score Minimum: As low as 580 (impacted by loan size)
  • Nationwide Lending (see exceptions) 
  • Purchases and Refinancing allowed
  • only 60-Day seasoning required on refinances


Rehab Loans
  • Loan Amounts: 100,000-4,000,000
  • Loan Terms: 12-36 months
  • Loan to cost: Up to 85.00%
  • Amortization: Interest only
  • Interest Rates:  Starting At 7.99%
  • Closing Time: 10-14 days
  • Credit Score Minimum: As low as 550 (impacted by loan size)
  • Nationwide Lending (see exceptions) 
  • Rehab Holdback required

Multifamily is our bread & butter as it's our preferred asset type outside single family investment properties. We provide both short term bridge loans as well as permanent financing with much more flexibility than traditional financing options available in the market. Super competitive pricing, great benefits, and a simple underwriting approach. 

Multifamily Bridge Loan Criteria

  • Loan Amounts: 500,000- 20,000,000
  • Loan Terms: 12-24 months (extensions available)
  • LTV: 75.00%
  • Interest Rate: starting at 6.95%
  • Lien Position: 1st and 2nd
  • Nationwide Lending (see exceptions)
  • Closing Time: Avg. 2 weeks
  • Amortization: Interest Only
  • Purchase, Refinance, Rehab, Reposition, Value Add, Bailouts
  • NO Appraisal Required on deals above 2MM


Long Term Multifamily Financing

  • Loan Amounts: 300,000- 20,000,000
  • Loan Terms: 10 years Hybrid
  • Amortization: 30 years
  • LTV: 80.00%
  • Interest Rate: starting at 4.95%
  • Lien Position: 1st
  • Nationwide Lending (see exceptions)
  • Closing Time: Avg. 4 weeks
  • Purchases and Refinancing only.


Is an appraisal Required?
Appraisals are required for all single family transactions and multifamily permanent financed deals. Multifamily and mixed use bridge loans above $2M are not required to order and appraisal. Certain markets for single family rehab and bridge loans will only require a BPO (Broker Price Opinion).
Do you lend on owner occupied?
We only lend on owner occupied in CA and IL. All other transactions, we will only lend if it's a vacation home, investment property, or 2nd home.
Any credit score requirements?
We require a minimum of 600 but can consider scores as low as 580.
Will you Fund Rehab Cost?

Yes. Rehab Funds are held back in escrow and disbursed in draws as needed by the borrower. 


Do you lend based on ARV?

Yes. Maximum ARV is currently 70-75%

Are there any escrow requirements? 

Yes. Taxes and insurance are to be held in escrow in most cases. 

How Are monthly payments made?
Monthly payments are made by ACH and automatically withdrawn each month. Tax and insurance may be held back as well.
What Closing Cost can we expect?

On all loans, you can expect to pay cost for document preparation, title and legal, origination. Appraisal cost (if required) is paid out of pocket once terms have been accepted by the borrower. 

How long does it take to close?

Bridge loans (including fix & flips) close within 2.5 weeks. Permanent financing generally takes about 30 days. Closing times will greatly depend on borrowers ability to return items for underwriting review and 3rd party report turn around time.




Residential Permanent Guidelines

Fix and Flip Guidelines

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Multifamily Bridge and Perm Guidelines

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